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How long have you been in businees? Article not rated yet was started in 2014 and is a part of Kasteris Corporation. Kasteris Corporation has been in business since 1997.
How do I cancel my account? Article not rated yet
To cancel your account, log in to your account and select "Account Settings" from the drop down menu. Select the "Cancel Account" menu option and click the cancel button.
How much do credits cost? Article not rated yet
See our pricing chart.
What are your membership rates? Article not rated yet
There is a $12 per month subscription fee. The subscription includes your own personal phone number which you can use for sending and receiving SMS and telephone messages. *First month subscription i...
Can I get a free trial of your services? Article not rated yet
When you sign up with UTexting, your first month is free and you will receive 25 free credits to test out our service. After the one month trial, you will be charged a $12 monthly subscription fee fo...
Do you offer large volume discounts for your service? Article not rated yet
Yes. UTexting uses a credit system for our service. You can purchase credits only when you need them and credits never expire. Discounts are applied based on the number of credits purchased. See our p...
How does purchasing credits work? Article not rated yet
To purchase credits, log in to your account and select the "Purchase Credits" menu option. Here you can select the number of credits you need (1000 credit/$30 minimum). Click the PayPal button to purc...
What can one credit buy? Article not rated yet
One credit can purchase the following: Send SMS (USA / Canada) - 1 credit each Send voice message (USA / Canada) - 1 credit each Receive SMS replies - FREE Receive phone calls (forwarded to existi...
What forms of payment do you accept? Article not rated yet
We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, personal checks, and wire transfers. We use PayPal for processing credit card payments.
How do I change my password? Article not rated yet
To change your password, log in to your account and select "Account Settings" from the drop down menu. Select the "Change Password" menu option.
How do UTexting's prices compare to other messaging services? Article not rated yet
UTexting offers a powerful text messaging service at a price that's lower than our competitors. Check out our price comparison chart.

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