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Proper Etiquette for sending SMS / Phone messages


This article does not deal with any laws or legal issues, but the ettiquette rules here are, if not enforced by any laws, are enforced by, and not complying with these rules could potentially cause us to close your account.

1. Make sure you only send messages to people who have explicitly opted-into receiving your messages. If you want to send them text messages, make sure they have explicitly given you permission to use their phone numbers for that purpose.

2. Allow people to easily opt-out from receiving your messages once they have opted-in.

3. Ensure your messages are constructed so that the recipient knows who the message is from.

4. Be mindful of the time of day when your messages will be received, keeping in mind the different time zones.

5. Be concise. Text messages are typically limited to 160 characters. If you go over this, many carriers will break your message up into multiple messages, and others may simply cut-off the rest of the message after the 160th character.

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